Contact and Recruitment


If you are searching for a clan that keeps the organisation easy accessible and that does not force you into weirdo trainings where you learn what you already know you are at the right address.

If you are searching for a clan that picks you up when you are new and is willing to teach you the things on a level that you decide than you are also at the right address.

If you are searching for a team of grown up people from different countries and you just enjoy intercultural exchange you are definitely absolutely 100% and the right address. We don’t care if you are from Poland, India, UAE or Spain. You are 100% welcome!

What you need to bring is 3 things:
– Some SQUAD experience that go further than “I just installed it, please help”
– Rudimentary english knowledge (Don’t be afraid. If you understood the words on this page, it will be good enough and no one will make jokes when your english is not perfect)

Join our Discord (Link below) and talk to “Malcolm Heidenbrandt” or “Bimsstein” or just drop a “Hello please recruit me 😀 “ into our #general discord chat.

General Clan Contact

If you are searching contact to our clan you can find the discord link below. The main contact person is “Malcolm Heidenbrandt” .