Game Situations

One specialty in the Insurgency-Gamemode are the unique situations that might appear in the ongoing game. These situations are what makes this mode so interesting and that need tactics completely different from RAAS/AAS.

The defender perspective:

First of all, let’s look at the game from the defender view. The defender will always see two objectives and needs to harden them. But they do not know which objective the attacker sees and when the second objective is revealed. This means the defender must setup a defense, but if he does to much he might attract the attackers attention before the objective is even revealed. Keep in mind that attackers can find the objectives accidentally even when they cant see them on the map!

Map start:

At the beginning the Attackers will not see a target. It takes 5-6 Minutes till the first target gets revealed. At this point the defender does not know which target got revealed. In this time period its a common strategy for the attackers to bunch up and build up 1-2 FOBs with mortars and Repair-Stations while minimizing casualties. It is not a good idea to spread up over the whole map, course that will just loose in unwanted casualties.

One target revealed:

When the attacker seas only one target they will want to destroy it. But it might be that the defenders dug in very deep and that the attacker cant get access. Than its a valid strategy to farm the defenders to get the intel for the next target.

Two targets revealed:

First of all its important to understand that the defender will not know when the second target is shown to the attackers. It might be that a fast and sneaky attack on the new target already brings success. If this works the original target can be continuously used to farm more enemies to find the next objective. That means: One target can be turned into a kill-farm while the other targets are being blown up.

No target revealed:

If this happens the attackers have a problem. With no target in the map it is hard to find enemies and to create kills that reveal new cashes.
In this situation the best the attackers can do is to start scouting for enemy formations to take them out one by one. Helicopters and fast vehicles can be used to scout enemy movement and to eventually find enemy HABs and FOBs (that might be around the next weapon cache).
The attackers main goal in this situation will be to bind the enemy in an open firefight. Course this is where he will generate kills.