The interesting aspect of this game mode is that defenders do not know which cache locations the attackers are aware of and vice versa. You never know what your opponent knows. This puts the focus in this game on scouting and reconnaissance.

Find additional information about this gamemode in the official SQUAD-Wiki

Attacker objective:

Blue forces need to search and destroy 3-5 randomly spawned Weapon-Caches. (the exact number depends on the map and will be displayed in the first chat message at the start of the game)

Defender objective

The insurgents can only win by defending their weapon caches successfully (not loose more then the number indicated in the chat message) and drain all the blue forces their tickets.

Game mechanics:

There are always 2 weapon caches in the game. These will always be visible to the insurgent forces. Every 50 Kills (that’s not the same as ticket losses) that the Attackers do, a new objective will be revealed to the attackers.

Match start:

Only the first weapon cache will be revealed automatically after 4-6 minutes into the game. It will become visible on the map to the attacking forces. The defender will not know which of the two objectives is visible to the attackers.

When a cache gets destroyed:

Immediately a new weapons cache will spawn randomly on the map. This will only be visible to the insurgents and not yet to the blue forces. After killing 50 insurgents a new weapon cache will be revealed to the blue forces on the map (with a maximum of two).

How to destroy a weapons cache:

This can be done by a squad leader with an incendiary grenade or a combat engineer with C4 explosives.