General Server Rules

§ 1. No Hate Speech or discrimination. No racism, including racists jokes. No Insults. This includes Player names and Squad names.

§ 2. No world war related content is allowed. This includes Squad names, Player names and 3rd-Party-Sounds.

§ 3. Be nice and play the objective!

§ 4. Don’t sabotage your team or waste tickets/vehicles!
§ 4.1 This includes the spam of chat and voice chat during the staging phase.

§ 5. No Main base camping!

§ 6. No team-killing!

§ 7. The language in Command-Chat is English! If you use another language in your squad, please put this in your squad name.

§ 8. Squad-leaders need to communicate to the team, must have a working microphone and have the appropriate squad-leader-kit!

§ 9. All Names must be readable and must not be provoking!

§ 10. Admins always have the last word!

§ 11. Advertising and Recruiting is not allowed.

§ 12. Ramming other heli’s with helicopters is not allowed.

§ 13. Abusing bugs and exploits is not allowed and will lead to perma-bans (for instance placing radios in untouchable places).

§ 14. Trolling of other players or admins is forbidden.

Vehicle claim rules

§ 1. Vehicle claims only apply during the staging phase.

§ 2. A vehicle can be claimed by giving the squad a name that can clearly classify the vehicle.

§ 3. Armed vehicles need a minimum of two operators. Exception: Helicopters and 50-cal Technical’s.

Seeding Rules

§ 1 You can only engage in combat in the marked zone. The zone is being marked with red arrows that should build a closed rectangle. This markers are only been placed by the admin. If no such zone is marked, the middle-flag(s) build the combat zone.

§ 2. Only one HAB per Team. The HABs must be placed on the edge of the combat zone. If no such zone is marked the HABs must be placed on the flags adjacent to the middle flag.

§ 3. HABs may not be engaged or destroyed. Camping HABs is forbidden!

§ 4. Armed vehicles must not be used.

§ 5. Armed emplacements (50cals, mortars, TOWs) are not allowed to be deployed or used.

§ 6. Seeding ends when the player count reaches 40. If a combat zone is marked, the markers can be removed and the normal game starts.

If you feel that administrators of our server are abusing their powers, please contact SSC-Malcolm Heidenbrandt on our discord. We take this cases very serious. Please describe the case and, if possible provide any kind of evidence, recordings, screenshot etc. Also we will need a timestamp.

In any case you also have the possibility to report our servers directly to OWI:

To report problems with a specific server, email with the following details: Name of the server, any evidence such as video, pictures etc, date and time. Alternatively/additionally you can fill out the following form if you prefer.