This entry is only an information under which pre-conditions we decide to whitelist an organization or a single individual or not. Even when someone fulfills the whitelisting conditions there is no guarantee that we grant it.

Organisations and Clans

To get whitelisted the organisation must …

… be international and must use english as their main language.
… spread a positive and relaxed atmosphere.
… be willing to reach new players a hand and explain them our special gamemodes.
… like unusual gamemodes and must spread the word of the glory of our server. 😉


There are many reasons why we could decide to whitelist a player.
Some of them mare …

… teaching other players our special gamemodes.
… commanding and squadleading
… supporting the server financial.
… playing on our server for a long time.
… just being a positive and nice guy.

Who to talk to?

You can contact us on our Server-Discord. Talk to any Admin or in special Malcolm Heidenbrandt.